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Free Web Site Planning Tool
Use WebX, our free Web site planning tool, to collect and organize key information about your planned website. It's educational, too! As you answer questions, you’ll be creating a valuable outline business and production plan for your project. After we receive your information, we can offer you feedback during a free, no-obligation initial consultation by phone. We can also provide a cost estimate.

Start Using WebX Now!

Your information will not be shared with anyone outside our company. We have non-disclosure agreements available if you want one before providing information. You can also call me, Jim Burns, company principal at 352-331-7494 with any questions.

Topics addressed, depending on the scope of your web project:

  • Timeline and budget
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (optional)
  • Objectives and goals of website
  • Scope of web development, design or redesign
  • Target audience(s)
  • Desired response(s) from visitors
  • Web development, webmaster and marketing skills assessment
  • Content (editiorial, audio-visual) and how it will be developed
  • Keyword research & search engine optimization
  • Interactive modules – forms, blogs, forums, calendar, search, slidewhow, etc.
  • Custom programming / functionality
  • Sitemap / outline of home page and major content areas
  • Domain name(s) & hosting
  • Email accounts at your domain name(s)
  • Approach to updates & maintenance
  • Traffic building strategies and tools
  • Competitor profiles & websites
  • Questions for E-commerce sites






free web planning tool

Plan to succeed with WebX, our free Web site planning and cost estimator form. We can also collect this information in person or by phone during a free initial consultation.