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When you want some direction, feedback, or just want to explore some marketing options in print or electronic publishing, we can help! Our consulting services are available on an hourly basis, and the initial consultation (15 minutes by phone) is complimentary


consulting political campaign consulting
We will help you choose the best media combination to reach voters.
We can also:

  • help you develop and word your platform
    (campaign promises & positions on issues)
  • design your printed materials
  • obtain and demographically sort mailing / phone lists
  • provide speech writing
  • coach you for debates

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consulting consulting for print publishing
We can help you explore and decide what kind of printed publication is most effective as well as cost appropriate for your communication goals. For example, we can help you decide whether to publish a brochure, postcard, or flyer, what printing methods to use, and how to distribute your publication. We can also help with consulting if you are considering starting a magazine, newsletter or other serial publication. Below are sample consulting topics:

  • Magazine feasibility research
  • Equipment and software consulting
  • Editorial staff recruitment
  • Production planning (workflow setup, software/hardware training)
  • Advertising sales procedures
  • Production Procedures (Scheduling, computer file management, artwork management, copy management, pre-press)
  • Printing Options (Printing methods, pros and cons, costs)
  • Distribution (Circulation, shipping, mailing lists, postal information

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consulting consulting for Web site development
Web sites have become a very popular method for branding and presenting extensive information about all types of businesses and organizations. The advantages include cost-effectiveness, unlimited viewership, ease of updating and the speed with which information can be searched and distributed. There are various technology choices to be made by the web site developer, and a wide variety of functionality options. We can help you decide what combination is right for your organization.

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desktop publishing

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What type of printing company should I use ?
Printing companies can be cost-effective on some classes of jobs but not others, depending on in-house equipment and other factors. We have found that certain jobs, especially oversize color brochures and publications in medium to long print runs, or jobs requiring specialized bindery work, can be printed at significant savings by matching the job with the best equipped commercial print shop(s). Also specialty shops that print multiple postcard or business card jobs simultaneously can offer substantial savings on full-color work over general purpose local printers or quick print shops.

In addition to the fine printers in the Gainesville area, we have established working relations with printers and pre-press houses in Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and outside Florida who in our experience provide excellent quality, turnaround time, and pricing.