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Free Consultation
We offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation, so we can talk about your vision, goals, project(s), deadlines and budget, then answer your questions about our company. (For a fee, we also offer project planning and Web site reviews.)
Call 352.213-6798 or email Creative Communications principal Jim Burns to get started! If you prefer, use our contact form.

Customer vision and goals
Typically, in our first meeting with you as a potential client — a free consultation — we briefly explore the vision and immediate goals you have for your company or organization. This helps us to know where you are in the process, and to understand what your level of experience is producing web sites and other marketing materials.

Free project discussion
If you know what you want, let's discuss the specifics. We listen carefully and take notes. For print projects, this will cover materials (text, photos, illustrations, logos), design styles, audience, printing and distribution options, budget and timetables. Please bring everything you have ready with you in electronic format if available (we return all materials).

For web site projects we also discuss keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO); online marketing strategies and goals; site features and functionality; programming when applicable; web specific content such as audio and video; domains, email, hosting; and maintenance. You can organize all these planning details with our free web site planning form. Download it, edit it in a your favorite word processor, then save it and send it to us by email or fax.

Free cost estimates & proposals
For modest projects we may be able to provide a ballpark estimate on the spot, followed by a free, no-obligation written estimate within 3 business days. For large or complex projects, we will provide an estimate in 3-8 business days. If you agree, we will formalize our agreement in a written proposal.

Cost-based project planning
If we will be involved in planning as well as producting your website, and developing spefics for programming custom web-site functionality, or producing, writing or editing content, we first must specify all aspects of the functionality that will be provided or the content that will be created. Due to the time involved, this is a cost-based consulting service. Based on our collaborative planning, we'll provide written specs and a comprehensive no-obligation proposal and cost estimate.

Cost-based web site reviews
If you have an existing web site you would like to improve or redesign, and would like a professional analysis of what is needed, we conduct heuristic site reviews and provide a 2-3 page executive report with recommendations that address graphic design, coding structure (keep, amend or discard), navigation and usability, search engine visibility, content (editorial standpoint), congruence of content with stated web site goals, congruence of web site with company business goals, and programmed functionality (keep, amend, discard, replace). If you have a specific budget, we will provide recommendations geared to that budget. Cost for site reviews is $200 up to 25 page site. For larger sites, please call or email us with a web site address to get a fixed price quote for a site review.

Questions about Creative Communications
We answer any questions you may have about our company, the training and skills of our staff and associates, and how we plan to meet your expectations and goals. Detailed information about our billing terms and policies is in the PDF document, How We Work and Bill. Please email us to request a copy of this confidential document and client references. We look forward to working with you!

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